Around the water cooler...

New Digs! The remodeling dust has finally cleared from our new home on East 7th. The building gradually came together after being tweaked to death by cigar wielding workers with names like “Midnight.” After two months, we’ve figured out that the trash is picked up in the back alley, that our neighbors are under the assumption we’re a law office, that from time to time you can find empty fried chicken boxes at our front door, and that the guys at the auto body shop behind us are available for work anytime we need them. We’re proud of our new space and happy to be settling in nicely.

You can find a good mix of people, places, and food on the East Side of Austin. There are dead people (Texas State Cemetery), smart people (Huston-Tillotson), cool people (6th Street’s Coolest Store), roving popsicle vendors, baristas (Hot Mama’s espresso bar, Bossa Nova Cafe, Café Mundi), every kind of Reyna known to humankind, and, let’s not forget non-vegetarian fare (Church’s Fried Chicken), where Ted, who is 71, will retire this summer. Joyce learned this through the chain-linked fence that divides our parking lots, as his broad smile revealed a gold front tooth that gleamed in the morning sun.